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The Night

By Kshitij Kapoor

Took a sip,

Moved my hip,

Heading to door,

Just then,

Someone sneaked a slip.

Read it fully,

From some Julie,

"Pack your bags",

In an hour,

Will come a coolie".

Coolie? Really?

Kids pranks, too silly,

Sat down, sipping again,

Just then,

Someone sneaked a lilly.

"Lilly for your funeral",

A note attached said,

Heartbeat racing,

As i go to bed.

The night- part 2

One hour passed by,

Dark clouds in the sky,

My bag on my back,

And the door bell rang.

A suited up man,

And a dressed up lady,

Things were confusing,

And also too shady.

"What's going on,

Who are you all?"

"Let's take you back,

You fled from heaven,

Come, lets go,

It's already eleven".

It can't be real,

I can't be dead,

Anytime soon,

I'll wake up from my bed.

But in an hour,

It will be my birthday,

Coolie and Julie are here,

They are gonna take me away.

"Its not your dream,

You are only a ghost,

Earth is not your place,

Heaven is your host".

I wish i could celebrate,

Among all these humans,

It's time to leave,

With some nice illusions.

By Kshitij Kapoor

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