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The Mysterious Voice

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

By V G Sathve

Voice ringing in my ears

Bringing joy to my peers

Smashing away my fears

Wiping out all my tears

Pouring downpour of love

Smearing peace like a dove

Mesmerizing auroma of a clove

Protective warmth of a glove

Stuck in heart as gum

Sweet endearing like plum

Never a moment is glum

With this priceless sum

Fingers not glistening with rings

But swaying flight of wings

Luxuries not like the kings

But eyes wink like contentment swings

Not a rope of compulsion to bind

But a spring of freedom to wind

Flour of phobias to grind

Key to all problems hard to find

Lifetime guarantee appliance

Never ending alliance

Logic applied science

The mysterious voice is your conscience

By V G Sathve

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