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The Mirror Who Saw Everything

By Manasvi Srivastava

Today, I sit in front of my mirror

Talking to a face looking back at me;

We ’re working through our problems together and I ending up a decision that whatever I do... I

would never be a therapist

Because I am the one who needs therapy.

The mirror is going to break as it is full of secrets

No one knows & maybe no one even cares that the girl behind the mirror is desperate;

The girl, who's always in the façade of boldness as brass & transparency as the glass...

Has trapped melancholy within herself like skeletons inside of a closet, & has got no idea when this

storm of solitude will pass...

Overthinking, then anxiety, then more overthinking, and then again anxiety, one leads to the other,

then the other to another, it's a vicious cycle which exists with full entirety....

&“It’s all in your mind... Think on the brighter side... Everything’s going to be alright... I just know how

you feel right & says this toxic, dark & twisted society...

Taking a deep breathe while counting to three

The apophthegm of the cliche standards of society revolved around her head.. Of how they wanted

her to be.

While everyone is distracted in amaze that how sparkling & radiant that & happy girl can be...

This girl is slowly drowning suffocating with her own thoughts while her eyes hold a silent plea..

And now... While trying & trying to get rid of the thread which is hanging her head; low..

Her hand reaches for that sharp means of liberation.. Saying one final vow....

I will not change who i am ; as hard you all try..

This is me giving up... This is one last goodbye...!!

So this is an invocation from the mirror on behalf of me....

By Manasvi Srivastava

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