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The Marriage Story

By Shweta Sharma

starting at the dark

I lie awake in my bed

brown eyes wide open

filled with words unsaid

the screams ringing in my ear

his face flashing before my eyes

the tears falling down his cheek

I ask myself why

was the love not enough

where did we go wrong

I don't know how it happened

it was so good for so long

the smile was always there

hiding the pain behind

tears were always masked

in the rain of time

first time that I saw him

I fell in love in two seconds

his charming personality

in my heart got a check-in

I was his only one

his darling dear forever

and he my sweet honey

we were to part never

but I always wanted more

more than he ever wanted

for my voice to be heard

nothing I now daunted

it struck him like lightning

our world came crumbling down

but we were never happy

it was just the smile of a clown

I wanted to go my way

and I got it in the end

but I still love him so much

that it really makes no sense.

I wanted It to sort out

but the wave was so strong

it tore us apart, I’m sorry

I know that I was wrong.


I sit on the couch wide awake

a bottle of wine half spilled

the TV on with no sound

I can't seem to fall asleep

the bed is cold without her

the house empty without her laugh

everything so plain without her mess

my soul empty without her half

it was a storm brewing since long

I had seen it in her eyes

but did nothing to calm it down

too busy trying to touch the sky

I did a few things wrong

got carried away at times

I wish I could turn it all back

with just a flick of the dime

should have sat on this couch with you

and heard you when you spoke

and intently should have thought about

all you said in your talks

should have done what you wanted

not be a selfish man

I'm sorry honey for all I’ve one

I'm sorry, from you I ran

it's all a dirty mess now

with lawyers and their laws

but if I could restart it again

I would have loved you without a flaw.

I love you and always will

for you ensured my survival

calling you for my revival

without you, I'm a dead man

By Shweta Sharma

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