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The Flag Flies High.

By Varad Ashtikar

Our war cry reaches the sky. Pick up your spears!

Grab your sharp swords!

Hoist up the tiger flag!

Show off the Indian swag

The striped tiger doesn’t scare easily.

The brave thing wouldn’t fall, don’t be silly.

The tiger men value valor and dignity.

They don’t understand the word pity.

Booze up and smile!

Loosen up inside!

Explore pleasure!

You’ll feel fresher!

I’m crazy about this land,

I’m crazy about this flag,

I’m crazy about these people,

I’m crazy about this soil,

A demoness…

She is my mind, body and soul,

I can handle the battle scars,

But she left me with a hole…

Drink up mate!

And move on.

There is a long journey ahead. Sword up, Soldier!

And march forward.

A hungry tiger doesn’t rest

We dreamt of a grand nation!

We witnessed the cruelty of war!

We condemned enemity and

We destroyed it.

We were taught life cycle

We compared it to Vedas

It’s the hystery of a broken heart

And unending passion to make the world bend forth us!

The Clan is life,

This is our tenet.

The highest cloud up in the sky,

We have to win it!

By Varad Ashtikar

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