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The First Meet

By Ishika Verma

I still remember the first time we met accidentally.

You were standing in front of me so gently.

It was a Christmas evening,

You looked so stunning.

We were just standing It was so cold,

I wish I could make that moment hold.

I thought to look at you but got goosebumps,

My eyes were down and I looked so dumb.

I thought it will be first and last time to see you,

But we met again few hours later again its you.

I still remember the first time you said you loved me and you hold my hand,

My heart was beating like drums and I was shivering unable to stand.

I never knew our journey will start from there,

Now i am just trying to forget by sitting here.

I want to erase all the memories I had,

Because the thought make me so sad.

I no longer believe in love stories & trusting Anyone,

I guess the part of me which loved you the most is Gone.

By Ishika Verma

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