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The Cat

By Balasubramaniyan

One stormy night I heard a low meow sound

I searched the location of it around

Sooner I identified the ground

It was a cattle water tub of round

I looked in to large water tub deeply

And I found a small black cat creepy

It struggled for its life completely

I helped it to come out from the icy tub easy

It made a purr sound loudly

Branded me by its paw claws badly

And rushed into my room rashly

Meandered here and there madly

It hid under a sofa silently

I put a cup of milk before it cleverly

Gradually it came and drank it gallantly

Once again it went under the sofa quickly

It made meows to seek my attention frequently

I was not sure why I loved the visible soul

It licked my face and wagged its tail gleefully

Soon I became an ailurophile role.

By Balasubramaniyan

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