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Taste The Black

Updated: Mar 11

By Harmeet Kaur

“How does the color black taste?”, I hear.

To answer the question whispered in my ear,

I embark on a quest with a curious mind,

Is it bitter, dark, flavorful or refined?

A faint scent of mystery, a seductive flair,

As I wander around in profound despair.

Danger, addictions or desires to savor,

Or perhaps a beautiful blend of flavor?

Evoking sensuality, courage and temptation,

A fusion and pure symphony of sensation.

A melange of light, boldness and allure,

A balance between valor and restraint I assure.

Rich and enigmatic, tantalizing your core,

A fearless spirit knocking on the door.

Paradoxical harmony between bitter and bold,

A daring force, that’s what the color Black beholds.

By Harmeet Kaur

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