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Stairs Are Hard To Get Down

Updated: Apr 5

By Manaswini Subnivis

I’ve put myself through all this- just so you could know

My insides are glitter but I rain thunderstorms.

Everybody needs somebody else sometimes

You just came in when I got ready to get down the stairs

And you were going up

Now I’m writing songs about you in the aisles of a thrift store

Everybody needs someplace to call home

And I am reminded of you when I’m all alone

You call a thousand times but I still feel alone

I’m getting ready to get down the stairs but you’re going up home.

And I wish I was perfect like the other girls

Who prioritize themselves and boys pick them over us

Me and my girlfriend just here on the stoop

Wishing someone held our hand as we got down

But you’re going up the stairs and I have to do this alone.

By Manaswini Subnivis

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