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Spells To Destroy

By Surya

No, don’t make me old,

Don’t me cold,

I see this world,

Through the eyes of the girl

The cry’s getting louder,

Stronger and wider

Bar and benches

Deceived by senses

I don’t know why I am the one who has to do this,

Walk via these doomed cages for power wages,

pass through these cold-hearted burning creatures

it dances, it wines, it drives and thrives

It loves to possess, it likes a few colours

Rolled with some brown

Blew up some greens,

Need some dose

Of the white coloured rose

The thought becomes the thinker

And There’s a huge hunger

I have been lost before

But never so far

The deeper I go

The hotter it got

The ways of my hall

Are known for the cries

Punishing at one

And chasten in a another

Lessons taught and lessons learn

To hear the screams

that portray me

I am finding the beats

Turning up the heat

to burn few breeds,

The dancing greed a

and the ones in need

Money mixed in

All the friendly deeds,

Market for love,

And monstrous at heart

Down on your knees,

Hands on your lips and walk silently please

You and me, we are something indeed

No, I won’t try

No, I won’t hide

I’ll burn by your side

Till it gets quiet

No, I won’t try

No more fight

I have seen you confide

Its times to spill the spells to destroy

By Surya

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