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Sea Waves - A Symphony Of Life

By Yashashree Sen

Behind the deep engrossing sea, The waves try to back-forth once more Rebounds, curls, entwines

But the sea is never still, It pounds on the shore. Eats up the wave

Like a fierce beast and roars.

It's the waves to the sea,.

The sand tries to restrain

To break its flow

From engulfing its serenity; The wave salts the sand And leaves behind the pearls, Signalling its tears that glow On the moonlit sea shore.

Just like the sea waves,

We go there

where the mortal soul guides, And there's always

A second chance it provides, Before the glooms become your sea Gnaws you from inside nd qsn your verity. Sea waves, a symphony of life!

By Yashashree Sen

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Yashashree Sen
Yashashree Sen
05 juin 2023
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