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Updated: Sep 21

By Priti

By Priti

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By Aswini Sivadasan “Your yearning heart will desire to pull the hatred moments back into your life, of which you unaware of how you were so alive in those hatred moments”. This could have happened in

By Usaid Shaikh #तलाश में भी अगर मेरी; कारवां हो मेरा नहीं हूं मैं, के बजुज़ मेरे कुछ निशां हो मेरा (बजुज़ = सिवाए) इस शेर में अपने दोस्तों से जुदा होने का दर्द दिखाया गया है "अपने दोस्तों से जुदा हो

By Esha Chowdhury -Desolation and powerlessness- the new tenet of the country? A world which had once considered major gas leaks, twin-tower blow-ups, havoc caused by tsunamis and devastating nuclear