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Rainbow the world's photographer

By Rishika Rathore

Look, how the Red, the Blue, and the Green represent nature, and yet they are the ancient sibyl when it comes to popping up with their most beautiful shade. While creating the mysteriously sporty rainbow ready to run its marathon in the sky and showcase its heavenly arc with the perfection of a compass whilst considering the world as its sheet waiting for its geometry.

Sometimes I think;

How beautiful it is that the rainbow exists as the mere thing which can fade all adorable creations of worldly incantations in whole history!

How beautiful it is that Green, Orange, Indigo, and all those shades parallelly exist without poisoning the periphery of each other!

How rainbow is the best fugitive between the fellow compatriots who are going through destruction as a part of nature!

How beautiful it is, that besides mostly remaining in disguise it is not being considered a ghost but the soul of nature!

How soothing it can prove amidst the asphyxiation of the planet!

How besides being thin it cannot get pierced by the prima facie of nature’s ruin - of the so-called twenty-first century!

How the categorized contamination of the atmosphere disables itself in its effectual capacity and lets rainbow be spick and span!

How amazing it feels that its frequent visit on Earth has increased the possibility that maybe it has been a part of a day in the period of ‘La Belle Epoque’ till the outbreak of World War 1914 or maybe it has observed the Mona Lisa as a Florentine or her marriage to the Silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo!

How beautiful it is to know that this merger of seven colors is more than a word, it’s purely a bequest – ‘ An Earthly crypto-legacy’!

Rainbow’s excellence is representative of hundreds of variables whether subjugated or not. It's more than a colorful arc. It exists in the mindset of a successful magnate, in the structure of megalith, and in every metaphor used by a writer.

By Rishika Rathore

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