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Intention Does Not Matter!

Updated: Feb 8

By Shahima

A person has so much in mind ..He has hopes ,ambitions, dreams, wishes to fulfil.

Everything depends on the destiny and the path he inclines.Yet Divine mercy has its own plan above one and all.A person's life takes deviation and turns accordingly .Time walks with him making moments turning into memories.

Many people may come and go. Few people give good memories, few give bad.It is difficult to forsake anyone .Infact the experience acts a  teacher indeed a great friend .We might achieve many comforts and worldly luxuries but at the end, the mind and heart wish for pure love and care whose  worth is invaluable and endless. Relationships are like strings that keep us knit together as a family. Likewise it depends on the thread that keeps the string firm and fine. All depends on the Intention, it matters .

By Shahima

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