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Are We Truly Aware

By Nidhi Nandrajog

Awareness... such a banal word. Yet this word dictates our life . In the present day, wives are aware of alimony rights ,husbands are aware of conjugal rights, teenagers are aware of their right to freedom from any form of control , primary school children are aware of the bad touch , workers are aware of human rights, the ever lengthening abbreviation LGBTQ... group is aware of equality rights . This is just the beginning of the term awareness. A healthy family is aware of organic ingredients, the people obsessed with fitness are aware of high protein diets, those into natural living are aware of Ayurveda’s magic, the youth are aware of education opportunities in their country and abroad and so on and so forth.

Awareness is an important aspect of today’s cosmopolitan society . The world is divided on the globe into continents and countries with their unique culture, language, climate, natural resources, history and geography. There are territorial demarcations which all countries abide by. Then there is a division of the world on the basis of the god they pray to. Everyone means every single person is obliged to respect the boundaries of the individual countries, and required to regard the diversity of religion and culture. Here comes to play awareness... of the other person’s biodata. Lest one encroaches upon the other’s territorial jurisdiction or hurts, by way of word or action, the sanctimony of religious sentiment. Never fear , there is a back up plan for this plausibility too. The governments of most countries spend millions on the defence , specifically nuclear weapons ready to explode in the event of truant behaviour perceived in the neighbouring countries.

Being aware of truths behind the facade of social media is the wisdom generously offered by the elder generation. Knowing about the pronunciation for the multifarious genders beyond the scope of Wren and Martin ,is important information shared by the current generations namely the millennials, gen X and others forthcoming.

The all encompassing 'awareness 'is hackneyed only in the commonness of the usage of the spoken word. The scope is so mammoth as to be mind boggling. Try hugging a child of six, you will be made aware of the elucidation of personal space. The

Hindu nationalists are on a mission to spread awareness about the rich legacy of scriptures and awaken Hinduism in the hearts of the Indians . There are reels and videos galore for the spread of awareness of beauty secrets for glowing skin, thick and shiny hair. Recommendations to acquire a naturally slim body and sharp mind. Advertisements and talk shows about natural herbs for a long healthy life span .Then there are the podcasts of successful men .They attribute their success to awareness of body, mind, soul. They have mastered the art of being aware of their subconscious.

Awareness, a simple word yet filled with innumerable possibilities. And yet! Are we really delving into the depths of the interpretation of the word ‘awareness’ ? True there is awareness of the correct pronunciation for the divergent genders. Conversely, are the parents aware of the pain and confusion of their children in pre teens ? For the first ten years , the child knows it’s a she or a hence adolescence embarks, the child's intellect is thrown into a state of utter perplexity. The awareness of LGBTQ translates into a question ,in the mind of every teenager. Am I straight or am I gay? Am I bisexual? Oh God! I think I am asexual. Can the parents imagine the dilemma of their children. The self assured, know it all teenagers are aware of multiple facts , but still seeking awareness of their own identity. Are the educated elders of our society aware of this identity crisis , a battle their children and grandchildren are fighting each day , in the solitude of their self confined prison.

True ,the educated Indians are getting aware of the pride in being a Hindu with the richness of their legacy of the Sanskrit language, powerful slokas, healing benefits of yoga and ayurveda, medicinal power in herbs . Are they aware of the connotation of Hinduism? As Dr S. Radhakrishnan has described it...' Hinduism is a process and not a result, it is a way of life'. We need to imbibe Hinduism , wear it as a skin to our soul and in the journey of life ,

 spread goodness just by living the ethics of Hinduism.

It is good to be aware of one’s rights . It is also imperative to be aware of one’s

responsibilities. The citizens talk about their civil rights . Are they aware of their civil duties? Spouses talk of their marital rights, are they aware of each other’s needs? Children know they need space and a certain measure of independence ,are they aware of their liabilities? The LGBTQ are aware they have the right to live openly and be treated as equals in society... I am in full agreement. Should they not be aware of cultural values and moral sensibilities?

It is facile to make others’ aware of one’s own predicament. To become justifiably aware of all mindsets ,

that is another matter altogether.

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By Nidhi Nandrajog

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