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POV-The Assassin

Updated: Feb 21

By Madduri Satya Tejeswar

Every day I wake up,

to accompany, only a morning dew;

as I look around,

and see homes dyed a scarlet hue.

Weeks and months went past,

as everyday a new terror reigned;

and when we needed you most,

a helping hand was feigned.

Every eve we prepared for the next,

Every day we lived like it was our last,

and while we waited for you,

flags were being raised half-mast.

The next day, brave men fought,

while a foolish soldier died;

and though his dear love yearned for him,

she is now deemed the loneliest bride.

Every dawn you claimed,

"Help is coming, please stay calm",

while every following dark,

a child died in their mother's arm.

Every night people died,

every night children maimed;

as i sit in my desolate room and hopelessly pray,

for all this who is to be blamed??

Why do our dreams deserve to be snatched?

why are we chosen to pay this price??

As my skin crawls with rage,

I slowly come to realise.

I go on as my mind is set,

as I crawl up to your tallest window;

and as my mother yearns for me,

she is now deemed the happiest widow.

You've done us wrong,

you've given us a taste;

so now it’s our turn,

to put you in your place.

Curse me if you will for I'm already cursed,

but beg not for mercy;

after all you haven't done,

this is simply an assassin's courtesy.

By Madduri Satya Tejeswar

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