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By Rohan Chetan Gohil

Public opinion they said

The trust that they built

Actually turned out to be a silt

A gathered decision

Yet a dispersed vision

Ascending progress they claimed

A descending reality it is

Are we still expecting an exponential rise

After a dipping ride?

A firm decision brings success

Over a period of time

Impatience leads to the fall

And thus breaks the long awaited vision

Confused by the exclamations

We now stand at an objectionable path

It is at this very moment wherein

The concept of vision is in full power

Assurances for future growth

Neglecting the present situations

We now see them begging for power


Inflation is a curse

So is addiction in any form

Better tax they assured

On the cost of our health?

Let’s not repeat the failed revolt of 1857

Let’s rise to dip in failure

And emerge in exponential

To believe it is

It shall be lived within

To experience growth

One’s Karma shall be pure

A true vision he asks

A true meaning of life HE shows

So they followed

Followed him towards the sanatana

The true power of politics

Is not against religion

It is religion which is

The true path to politics.

By Rohan Chetan Gohil

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