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Political Cyanide

By Anu Abraham

A culture of becoming famous and known is trending now. Some showcase their talent in acting on social media platforms, whereas some with no talent yet unwilling to give up in the race of being famous make their existence evident in any ways, may it be exhibiting their own body to others, in a desperate need of establishing their name and existence somewhere and anywhere no matter what category do they fall in.

One such way of highlighting their existence to the society is committing psychopathic crimes in ingenious manner. In this process, a few become serial killers and few on the grounds of mentally absurd gets saved after a big showbiz and political influences.

Its happening everywhere in the world. People are mercilessly killing lives and still getting saved by devil made creations. They call it humanitarian basis to save them in the name of law, but the mere fact of using these crimes as a spanner to hit the elections are evident very much to atleast a few sensible citizens.

"Politics is a dirty game" is not just a colloquial use of words. It really is. The irony is the nation is handed over to the ones playing the dirty game of politics just to clear the mess they created.

Strange and disgusting isnt it?

By Anu Abraham

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