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The year just finished in Lakewood High School and the new semester is going to start after the dizzy-frizzy summer vacations. Well, this means hanging out with friends and exploring the new adventures to make this summer happening, but this summer in itself brings much more than just an adventure… horrible mysterious things of this small town situated between a long dark woods at one side and a lonely highway with a dirty lake on the other.

May 10, 2pm Lizzie and her friends were heading to the lonely highway at which parents never allowed their kids to go. Actually the truth is that no one goes there, as who went never came back, not even the corpse of that person. They were so excited to find out that what actually happens there as it is now high school year, they want a curious starting of it. As closer they were getting to the lake and highway, place is getting quieter. Josie, one of Lizzie’s friends got scared and ran away everyone tried to stop her but she didn’t… so everyone again started heading to that particular place from where everyone got disappeared. When they got there they found a skull and some blood spatters, they got frightened and felt disturbing vibes… so they ran and went home.

After a few days… they heard the news that their friend Josie never made to home which gave them terrifying goosebumps and they now get scared as she also went disappeared like others, they considered themselves responsible but didn’t tell their parents because they were scared.

On May 18, they went to the town library to search for the answers of these strange disappearances and the history of that place. They searched and searched for an entire week and finally got a case closing tip. What they found was much more horrible than they ever imagined.

They found that a generation of Egyptian cannibals lived in this town almost 400 years ago but they were humiliated and beaten, after all that they just disappeared one day for good and never came back. But it was quite strange that they just went without any warning. And suddenly these attacks started some 50 years ago. And no one ever tried to investigate the situation because the Mayor Mr. Blossom has strictly prohibited the entry of anyone there.

Then one of their friends Archie said, “Guys! Connect the dots. Even if the people crossing that lake are dead, the killers must have buried bodies but as per the mayor, they didn’t find any buried bodies nearby not even a part of flesh. It means that flesh of those missing people must have been eaten by someone but as we know we don’t have any wild animals nearby… Did anyone of you get that?”“Umm, yeah I guess’’, said Lizzie. “So, you are saying that those cold-blooded cannibals came for the redress of the insult and humiliation they faced just because they followed their Egyptian tradition of Cannibalism and probably the mayor knows something about this and that’s why he has laid down this restriction”. They all agreed to the conclusion drawn by their friends and went to their parents and told them everything about their research.

The entire town gathered and went to the mayor to confront him. The mayor was silent for a moment as he knew that this would happen one day or the other. Then he explained everything to town people that he knows that the cannibals are back and they have come to take revenge from this town and this is the reason of putting all these restrictions because he wants to save this town. He prohibited the entry of any person there as his entire family was a victim of this vicious act. But now everyone is persuading him to open an investigation as they want justice for their lost loved ones.

So, on 3june they went for an investigation there with full force and found those cannibals with the bones of the people who got disappeared where they also found Josie’s necklace and clothes. Those cruel cannibals were arrested and transferred to high jail. Finally!! Everything went off and they performed the heartwarming funeral for Josie. At last there would be joyful summer vacation turned into horrible one. ALAS! Sometimes we got sad endings in life

By Pranjal Kharbanda

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