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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By Pavani Sree K

Durga leads and protects

Since before time was written

Yet people think presidency

Is too much for women.

You will pray to Lakshmi,

To Saraswati for an education,

For wealth, and yet tell women

To stay fastened to their stations?

Why pray fervently to a goddess

If you don't think a lady could be

Even so much as a proper mortal?

Tell me, faithful. Explain that to me.

Durga is my mother as much as yours

And it was us who inherited her form,

us who bring life into this world,

Us to whom you children were born.

We are your rivers. Ganga, Yamuna,

Godavari, Kaveri, all female waters,

All the lifeblood you dare to drink.

Before you insult or demean us,

You had best stop and think.

By Pavani Sree K

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