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Narmada And Ahilya

Updated: Feb 24

By Smita Bharadwaj

On the banks of Narmada is a mystic town Maheshwar,

With a lot of beauty and history to discover,

Where once ruled great queen Ahilya Bai Holkar,

In the world of mighty kings, she lived without fear.

The lady was generous, simple and just,

She did her best to make the systems robust,

Every man and woman could completely trust,

For the lofty principles, she did what was must.

The chants never stop ‘Namami Narmade Devi !

While hundreds of looms weave textiles Maheshwari,

Without her wanting, Ahilya got so much of glory,

The Maratha lady stood for service, justice and bravery.

Gently flows Reva, yet sometimes fast and furious,

The life nourishing sacred river is glorious,

Fauna and flora exist on the waters pious,

We must pledge to keep her clean and salubrious.

By Smita Bharadwaj

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