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Mr. R Be Cool

By Elakkiya Sri.K

In a calm street,

Silent breeze was quarreling with

shuttered shops.

that why don’t it be opened

as they were at day time.

Locks of each shops were

Watching the shouts of Mr.Roamer.

He found tall skinny man with

Yellow light at his head.

Litting shine to entire street.

Mr.R shouted at that tall man too,

“why don’t you reply me,

Of course! Fourlimbed beings had been

Roamed around you as planets

When you didn’t shine.

But now, you are so romantic with

sunny look.

See, the people didn’t mind you”

Finally the tall man replied,

“yes, now I’m as sun,

Although people didn’t revolve me as planets.

Because, a diamond orbed women use to visit me every night.

to make us undisturbed, people left us private.

Guardians at clock would woke sunshine up, so Mr.R

If you don’t mind, please leave us alone”

By Elakkiya Sri.K

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