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“Living” your Life??

By Mohini Chadha

We’ve heard this before “Life is short”. But I sometimes wonder how many of us actually understand and realize this magical phrase before its way too late. Waking up with our alarm clock ringing. Or more appropriately ringing after being put on snooze thrice and then trying our level best to win the world war against time to reach office on time. Alas! ending up entering the office usually late. That’s just the early morning race that you participated in and then the entire day is no less than a battlefield wherein you are continuously injured, hurt, dismissed, yet you manage to stand up, to put up a strong fight, to give it your all just for plain survival. But hold on, Is this the aim of your ‘Life’- “Plain survival”? Is this the reason that you forgot wishing your parents “Good Morning” with a smile and touch their feet? Is this the reason that you forgot to hug and kiss your love in the morning while they were eagerly waiting for you to look back and give them a tight “bye’ hug. Is this why you did not bother to drop your children to school and wave them a “Good Bye”. Is this the reason that you forgot to call back a close friend of yours’s who had just called up to find out if you were doing fine? Is this why you cancelled a weekend plan with your friends or a picnic outing with your kids, who waited the entire week to spend some time with you? Is this the reason that you forgot to take your lover out on a romantic date and spend quality time with each other? I wonder is this really called ‘survival’?? Is this really called ‘Life’?? Is this the kind of ‘survival’ that you’ve been fighting for day in day out.??

It’s funny, how we postpone these little joys of life to the next day, not knowing assuredly whether you would actually wake up alive the next morning. It’s time to pause, stop and look around. Look around you and join the tiny pieces of happiness, that you so conveniently overlook. Enjoy the joy of sipping a cup of early morning tea with your family members, take an off on a rainy day just to enjoy the smell of wet mud with your family, surprise your kids with a small gift and not to miss the innocent smile on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes , hand over the salary cheque in the hands of your loved one and tell them this success belongs to them, take a walk in the rain with your lover hand in hand, watch the rain droplets drop down the window pane, go for a midnight Maggi snack with friends, drop by an old friends place randomly and catch up reviving the golden days, pursue a hobby that we’ve only been thinking to work on for so long.

“Live” each day to the fullest. “Live” so that you have no regrets. Live like there is no tomorrow. “Live” each day like it’s your last. “Live” like never before. But most importantly, “Live”!

By Mohini Chadha

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