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Life & Defects

By Yashvi Raval

Okay, agreed, it's all my fault

Was born a defect

Hard stones turned.

Looking at wider parts life full of joy

Surrounded by darkness a long path to there

Scarcely a chance.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who’s the saddest of all?

Afraid to tell my name?

But I know the world's game.

Oh! Depression's nothing just a phase

Have you been there?

Dare to say.

Numb knees weekend shoulders

All from the crying

Now doesn't matter how hard you are trying

Parents saying they feel my pain

Oh! I don't think so but it’s not their mistake.

Don’t want to be here

Where is the escape?

I feel so lonely inside

All my happiness is fake.

Last 2 years worst of my life

Yaa people supported

Was dead from inside.

Talked too much but my laughs weren't defined

Body hollow only silence to fill the line.

Screams took over couldn't do anything

Stared at things, only imagining

Escaped the present lived in the days that didn't come

Thousands of people but I was the only one.

Tears didn't stop rolling from my eyes

My eyes were hazy

Lost my patience, went so crazy.

Felt like a graveyard up for the burning

Already in my ashes

End of the journey.

By Yashvi Raval

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