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Land Of Dreams

By Anishka Majethia

I looked outside the wooden window

To have a glimpse of the sun, shining upon the snow,

The orange colored ball was spreading its warmth

To wake up people from their sleep on earth,

Far off I saw tangled stems, scoring up the sky

Some climbing from the foots of trees, some already very high,

Some going here and there like strings of a broken lyre

Or maybe you can say-like sparks of a fresh fire,

The branches were joyfully arching in the woods

Green leaves covering them as if forming hoods,

They were youthful, with leaves abound

It looked as if the trunks were crowned,

Then suddenly I saw monkeys while lying on my bunk

Climbing black branches up a snow white trunk,

I couldn’t say whether they were happy or probably sore

They went far up, towards the heaven, until the tree could bear no


The day continued with the same pace

Changing it’s attire with every new phase,

It spinned and moved with different feels

Which more often than not, helps and heals

But time…time flies or so as they say

And so there came the weakening eye of the day,

Twilight and evening and after that the dark

When the monkeys hush and you don’t even hear the lark,

And there came the twilight with sky all bald blue

Long strokes of red and purple along glowing orange hue,

The sun with every inch of setting, seemed desperately swollen

It felt as if the dome… ‘the dome of sky had fallen’,

The moonlight bathed the clouds as soon as the night fell

The pale moon gleaming through them, fair and veil,

Few stars shimmered up there forming this or that shape

And all that I could do was overwhelmingly gape,

A wedge of moonlight streamed into nearby yard of graves

Where the silent cries of the dead are heard, who sleep by the waves,

Cool breeze blew through the window where I stood

Suddenly the air became cold and I put on my hood,

I stood in the muffled stillness that persisted for long

Listening to the rustling of leaves, as if music in a song,

I felt a little weird, a chunk formed and made my throat go tight

Of how the nights were so gloomy while days so cheerful and bright,

But I still feel the earth’s the right place to love

Whether the black eagle nights or days as fair as dove,

Love the sun and moon; love the world which seems

To lie before all of us…like a Land of Dreams!

By Anishka Majethia

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