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By Surya Suresh

The bright blue ocean was asleep in the day,

And waves played a game in it’s salty medley.

In the windy corner of the sleeping ocean,

Was an island so small that it looked dismayed.

But as one got closer to the small island,

One could see that it was anything but plain.

Palm trees swayed in it’s sandy beaches,

And the blue waters danced onto it’s shores.

A mountain was seen in the middle of the island,

And a forest surrounding it with trees and shrubs.

A river flowed from the big mountain,

Onto the forest and into the blue sea.

Seagulls and turtles were seen in it’s shores,

Prancing about in their own little worlds.

Dolphins and seals were splashing about,

In the white reef surrounding the island.

There was a cave to the corner of the shore,

Where mermaids sang to their hearts content.

The animals of the forest were always on sight,

Dancing away into the bright summer night.

When the night falls, the shores glow in blue,

As if the stars in heaven fell into the water.

As the night drew close, so did the sounds die out

Of the island falling down into its deep slumber.

By Surya Suresh

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