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Inside War

By P Sasikanth

The war rages again,

The war which I thought has subsided,

deep inside, begins again.

War drums choke the final squeals of the negotiators.

Both the sides sharpen their swords,

assembles their armies

and are set to slaughter each other

The ground trembles under the feet of the marching armies.

fort walls shudder under the bombarding cannon balls

anger and madness for blood and death

blinds their vision.

They fight like mad dogs

to establish their monarchy

Ignoring the fact,

that they are fighting themselves.

not their brothers nor their fathers

but they themselves.

I was the one to blame.

I was the one who drew the lines

and forced them to divide.

I built their fort walls,

branded them as Instinct and Moral

and nurtured them to hate each other.

I believed that it would bring peace,

to me.

When they were together,

they tormented me with questions

questions, that I had no answers to.

and questions that I feared finding answers to.

I felt the answers I may end up with

would make me an outcast.

I wanted peer, peace and harmony,

and I committed this crime.

I joined the flock

but I found neither peace nor harmony

All I found were these everyday wars

that threaten to tear the fabric of my existence.

By P Sasikanth

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kiran sai
kiran sai
May 26, 2023
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The story of every person


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jhilmil swapnalin
May 23, 2023
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