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If This Is What It Takes

Updated: Feb 21

By Medha Angadi

Your presence just lit up my eerie universe,

For once, I felt warmth, sunshine and genuine love

I never knew what it felt like to lose the spark of your life

But time had different plans

You took back what was yours, it seemed

As though the world went black

If this is what distance feels like,

I’d rather jump into the wells of hell

If this is what the destiny leads to,

I will make the clock tick west,

And bring back, what once was mine

Will climb the ranges that separate,

Explore the chambers of secrets,

Will walk through the woods at midnight,

Will light a candle bright

If this is what it takes,

For the distance to disappear,

For me to look into your face and tell

“I found you”

By Medha Angadi

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