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I Am Free Spirit

By Kaushik Raj

Left again..

Will have a new place..

There will be some new folks..

There will be new paths..

There will be new ways..

The freshness of the air will be new..

The smell of earth will be new.

The taste of the water will be new..

But before the start of every journey..

I break some hearts..

I leave some loved ones behind..

I do something right .. and then I do something wrong..

Some completed and leave some unfinished business along

As long as I am with someone.. I take care.

But in the end, I leave them there..

Some new.. demand the sacrifices of the old..

Ig this is what life is to be supposed.

I be doomed to give it ..

I don't want to, still, have to do it..

But I don't hold any displeasure..

Keeps the point of view clear..

I am a free Spirit..

Can't live in one world..

That's why I couldn’t belong to someone.

By Kaushik Raj

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