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By Niharika Parmar

Perched on a skeletal branch, cawed a mysterious raven,

gazed into my eyes, deep into the soul, mockingly it asked, "Have you found your haven?"

Shocked, I cried, "What is it to you?

Tell me, who are you?"

The raven cackled, snapped its beak,

mocked me again, "You are still so weak."

"Run as much as you want, you will never reach anywhere,

stumble, fall, get scratched; you will still find yourself here."

Scared out of wits, I cried again,

"Who are you? Tell me your name."

The raven cawed, spreading its wings, "Stop now, enough deluding yourself, human,

as I am your darkest demon."

I dashed again with all my might, towards my blazing sun,

an ominous cackle sounded, "Come to me, oh! tired soul, I am your only haven..."

By Niharika Parmar

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