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By Vipul Sehgal

Wandering lost in the maze of life,

With no sense or purpose or discernable trend,

Long in despair and short in sight,

I stumbled across a speck of light,

That which all call a friend.

That changed many a thing around,

Though made no sense as much I tried;

The world but now knew no bound,

And down some way along I found,

The despair deep within had died.

Darker became the wars with time,

But with thy stake always nigh,

The pains did never ever chime;

And so, in bigger and further climes,

I took more roads less travelled by.

Though I moved no mountains large,

Nor I forked no lightening, still

On the blackest nights shone a star,

And thence it was never too dark,

And of the light, I had my fill.

Now that I've come so far, I might

Look back around and make some sense;

But one thing I'm sure, is right…

In the vast multitudes of my life,

A friend has made all the difference.

By Vipul Sehgal

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