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For Oz

By Bhavita Varma

I hate how I feel like I've forgotten him

How he felt, his soft smooth fur,

His tiny black wet velvet nose

And how he used to come and wake me up with it,

And how he puts his tiny little head on the edge of the bed

And just looks at me,

And I just always knew what he wanted

And I hope that that never changes.

I hate how I miss him so much,

Every hour, every second, every minute of my life,

I don't want to be so weak but I can't help it

He was, and still is, and always will be my baby,

No matter how insane or off the rails he is.

I feel like he's me in a lot of ways,

Which is odd, because I'm a human and he's not.

But we are a lot alike.

We both have no rationale for liking people and make the wrong choices a lot,

We both choose to still love the people we've known forever even if we don't really like them,

We're both odd and oddly alike,

Which is why I guess I will never really stop missing him.

Because I miss my odd little best friend and baby who I shared an odd deep connection with,

Despite us being different species,

He probably got me more than these humans ever will.

By Bhavita Varma

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