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Feed The Right Energy

By Rohan Chetan Gohil

Ultimately it comes down to one simple question. How badly do you want it? If you are not craving it, you are not going to work hard for it. Simple!

We see a lot of people around us, who are still stuck in the same position as they were before. Big all responsibilities they are stuck with. Finish it and move, just fucking move. Take charge and make waves, ride on it. There is nothing more joyful than riding on your own wave. Be the King, lay in the foundation and build your future. No one’s coming to spoon feed success to you, not even your dad. You are not going to win a million dollars lottery ticket, so stop expecting. Don’t think about it, you are wasting your energy! Get up and take action.

Expectations for anything will lead you to misery. Do not be patient, do not be calm. If you are being patient it means you are expecting success. Don’t wait, don’t expect and just get to work.

Sacrifice is the wrong word, replacement is the right word. You don’t sacrifice your playing time for business. You replace it. You don’t sacrifice entertainment, you replace it with education.


Replace, do not sacrifice.

Set the right mind set.

Every single thought is an energy. The only way to get what you want in life is by giving the thought more power. Supplying it with more and more energy. Make it so strong that, what you perceive and aspire is always what you want.

The only way to amplify the energy of a thought/idea is through consistent action. Action in terms of visualization, affirmation and true action.

Feed the energy you want to become and you will be there before you even realize it. FEED the right energy.

For a moment just realize, all your life you have always been feeding the negative energy. Look where it got you, nowhere! Because that is what negation intends to do.

Just imagine what would have had happened, if you switched the channel you listen to?

By Rohan Chetan Gohil

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Geeta Kamble
Geeta Kamble
Jun 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You did your best....🤗

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