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Empty Glass…

By Srishti Satsangi

Yaa I am feeling low,

something in me is out of glow.

Threw my hands, down to knees,

crying and wanting to breathe.

Even though there's no way,

I still see up and search for another ray.

And wait for a miracle,

feel the touch of a hand invisible.

To pull me out of this black hole,

into the space so wide to roll.

How to live with such a big head?

which is not locked but invites more instead.

It projects such a singular view,

that's more than anyone else knew.

So here I spill another filled glass,

years wasted in tearing up this dirty grass.

Finding more to spill it out here,

so, I can end it all in one go without a fear.

Making excuses that's what we know basically,

The haunted past stories locked inside are still a mystery.

You lose the lock and key,

they come out start all weep.

Is it always going to be,

the same distorted sheet?!

Perplexed, what's the reason,

I don't want to do anything; every day is a weekend.

I am nor being slothful,

neither am I a big fool.

I want to smile,

but unluckily for it I've to think more than thrice.

Because I don't have it,

so, wish for it all night.

Its own choices that we fall,

sometimes we got to take them and recall.

I know it’s hard to stay out of the well,

lying for minute or hour it doesn't get any well.

We think we're lonely,

but there's one thing I've realized slowly.

It’s not just the people that we need,

it can be anything that makes you believe.

In life that is a one-way street,

we fall again and again at the end we live.

Eyes refuses to see,

so many enemies to rout.

A rice came in with the crowd,

but what can you do when you were born to stand out?

A wide area with hundreds of moths,

no worries if you believe in one and only God.

Couldn't speak it out all from mouth,

guess sometimes the only thing that's left is a song.

Want to go back where I came from,

but scared to be noticed there for a minute more.

Everything I said was called wrong,

so, here I am today proving myself right, it's been a year long.

Have no idea how much is this elastic going to stretch?

Will keep on adding more when I'll get into another mess.

Guess I've healed now so I am closing off,

going to keep it safe as the empty glass falls off.

By Srishti Satsangi

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