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By Kaustuv M. Talukdar

Certain days of past, certain thoughts of anonymity,

Feeling of liberation or captivity, the state of duality,

The mind's campaign, the path to unknown,

Just as uncertain as the truth to be shown,

The hold of belief, and the truth to believe,

Just as strange as a life to live,

The days past by, and the unknown waits,

The rest is uncertain, as the future awaits,

The constant phase of duality,

Is it the relativity, to the uncertainty?

The two paths, bound to follow one,

Once it goes around, can't be undone,

What's the truth? just the hidden reality,

As it is mysterious, as its anonymity,

God or evil, Good or bad, what decides the fate,

Someone to be loved? or just in place for a hate,

The enigmatic self, or the cyrptic persona,

Is the life, the reality a halucinating coma?

Is it the liberation or captivity? or the state of duality?

By Kaustuv M. Talukdar

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