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Dressing My Mobility: The Indian Culture

By Aditya U

Dressing my mobility: The Indian culture means to happily show the love to our owned vehicles be it trucks, cars, autos, bikes or mopeds. These days right from grandfathers to their grandchildren they treat their mobility as family member. This culture of accepting vehicles beyond a product or materialistic thing and extending love and care for the vehicles is rooted in Indians. We Indians bow our hands, pray, put garlands and more over we do puja so that our vehicles run for longer duration just like praying to god for better and healthy life of an individual. In present days these mobility solutions are seen as an extended part of individuals with smart innovations taking place.

It’s not easy for automakers to understand and crack the Indian auto market. We are very culture rich with vivid aspirations and thoughts while even we are looking at mobility products. In India while owning one of the products the perspective changes like apertures of lenses. For very mobility it’s all together a different ball game.

For truck drivers it’s their second home, for autowalas it’s a canvas where they express their lives with huge posters, slogans and some insightful messages and for car owners it’s their child because even a small scratch and many emotions are out. This is how the user area is spread wide with maximum wavelength to explore. Now understanding these intricate things make the Indian auto market unique.

The uniqueness is to understand the multicultural society and act accordingly to tap markets for better outputs for the corporate companies. These days many brands are trying to get under the roof by trying to capture more of the market and have a renowned share. It’s a very big aspect to be considered in the present era.

The concept of dressing my mobility has bought a sense of belongingness with deep innovative and emotional minds bringing life to the mobility. These mobility innovators who design the aspirational mobility products are the ones cracking the nutshell in Indian auto-market and trying to take a step a forward to dress the mobility through unorthodox ways.

In the coming years this small gesture of treating vehicles will bring many new dimensions and aspects into consideration for many automotive brands, also the market is going to set new heights and some exemplary human behaviour analysis to understand the Indian automotive market.

Dressing my mobility: The Indian culture is said because the exchange of emotions between a living and a non-living thing is seen no-where else in the world making it unique to us.

By Aditya U

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