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Dreams In Those Eyes

By Divya Nishant

Woke up every morning,

With dreams in those eyes.

Living, loving, laughing through,

Took decisions as they arise.

It was a fantasy back then,

When eating healthy was a privilege.

Marks, competition and Love-life drama,

Proud of the self I was during teen-age.

Academics kept me relevant,

Co-curriculars brought up the shine.

Without trying too hard,

I was in a beautiful place to feel divine.

Never cared much of future,

But life happened and my bubble broke.

Introduced with anxiety and stress,

Reality hit hard, it all seemed like a joke.

Parents health, career and life,

Priorities straighten-up along the way.

Clock started ticking,

Chirp and bubbliness got vanished away.

Constant fear of losing loved ones,

Is still there to haunt.

Pain, sorrow, guilt and regret,

One after the other, it won’t stop.

Expectations from “close” people,

Left me in no space.

People I used to call my friends,

I was easy for them to replace.

Adulthood is not a joke,

And some days I contemplate.

Will life be normal ever again?

When I’ve made it so negative, easy to hate.

With a lot of dreams,

In those sparkly eyes.

Being proud of my younger self,

It’s the best part of life guys!

Me being a generic human,

Have a tendency to be pessimist.

Researching to get stabilized mental health,

Looks like I need a therapist.

Well, I won’t stop here,

Will keep learning lessons from life.

To live every passing moment,

To cherish memories, happiness to strive.

Life as a journey gives a lot,

To be satisfied and thankful for.

But the ultimate focus is,

Always on getting more.

Growing up I was,

Happy go lucky, naïve and joyful.

Growing old made me remind myself,

To show gratitude and be grateful.

What else can be a greater tribute,

For the people that we lose.

To keep remembering them,

And follow the principles they choose.

Staying healthy and happy,

Is not a blessing but choice.

That’s all that I can say,

Is an art of life to rejoice.

By Divya Nishant

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