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Dream Date

By Meenakshi Sharma

Finding love wherever we want, getting lost in the starry night

Take me away wherever you want, coz anywhere with you feels right

My fantasy date doesn’t have to be fancy

Underneath the moonlight with you, all I can see

Walking down the empty streets, hand in hand and cold breeze...

Close enough to hear your heart beats, kicking the pebbles with our feet.

Throwing a glance and catching you smile or staring your face for a while...

Talking nonstop or soaking the silence, stopping to kiss then crossing a mile.


Shuffling through our favorite music, long drives in city lights…

Resting my head on your shoulder, driving across picturesque sight


Just with you anywhere, may be in the middle of a busy street,

Laughing or eating or chatting along, humming or singing or listening a song,

I’ll fall in love all over again Coz life with you can never be wrong.

By Meenakshi Sharma

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