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By B Bindu

Tucked up by her Mummy

Tina and her little teddy

Tossed over the coin, sleepy

Tiptoed slowly and steady.

Dewdrops made a sound

Only heard by the Hound

Awakened, Alas! A dream, bound

Only to the slumber sound.

Floors creeked and moved

Bats shrieked and flew round

Clouds trembled and then

Witches mumbled the sound –

Dracula, as he had been

Tina freezed to what she has seen.

Teddy hopped, slipping a bean

Casting a spell, waiting a century unseen.

Dracula moved his pointy fingers,

Snapped his coat and layers,

Introduced himself as the Master of nightly flares,

Shunned only by the sunlight glare.

Trembled Tina shook her feet

Astonished, thinking “How could be it?”

Mummy opened the window sheet

Tina woke up embracing sunlight

Thanking that Dracula was all a dream overnight.

By B Bindu

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