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Dr. Shalini Mam...

By Upasana Solanki

Is matlabi duniya ke samundar me,

Niswarth bhav ka ras gholte ho aap.

Is bedhangi bhagdaud,uthal puthal bhari zindagi ko,

Saralta aur khushiyo se jeena sikhate ho aap.

Sadiyau se chali aa rahi reet riwazo ko,

Kyu na nae anuthe rang me range, batiyate ho aap.

Perau me jhakdi dakiyanusi soch thukrakr,

Pyaar ,Unnati, Zindadilli apnana diklate hau aap

Dil se shukriya , hamari zindagi me shamil hone ke lie,

Dr. Shalini Mam, aap ho lajawab.

By Upasana Solanki

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