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Don't Give Up On Your Dream

By Udhaya Chandran B

Follow your dreams said his dad

cute and little that poor innocent lad

didn't understand much of the speech

but the dad didn't stop his teach

He hated his dad for all his activities

and wanted to punish him for all his stupidity

But couldn't hurt his dad

because that would make his mom sad

The lad grew up in a mixed neighbourhood

and he shaped himself as he should

He never replied to his dad what he wanted to become

the lad only replied "you would witness it as it comes".

But his dad already knew

and acted like he had no clue

Dad always had an eye on him

and the chances for his lad to fall in bad hands was too slim

His grades, activities and everything changed

respected his elders with anger all deranged

The positivity and determination got Dad into total bliss

and never expected anything more than this

Dad passed away with great relief

due to alcoholism

Leaving behind a letter penned with immense belief

but the lad broke down bearing his dad’s barbarism

He cried a lot and got back to his mom

and comforted by holding her in his arms

Don't worry Mom, he said

now is the time for me to tread

He struggled until he became a Cop

working late night in an average shop

Saving all the money that he had got

keeping his dreams in sight and fought

He worked hard day and night

to make his future bright and keep his mom with delight

He also wanted to wash off the dirt caused by his dad

because the neighbours talk got him all mad

Finally, he reached his mom with a khaki clad

after all the training of blood and sweat from the grad

His head stood up like a graceful tiger

and bowed down to his mom for giving him strength with all her vigour

The neighbours talk all changed looking at the boy's success

and nobody would have guessed

Everybody learnt something big from all his gleam

for the boy's perseverance towards his dream

Don't give up on your dream

even though your life doesn't go as you want it to be

Seek confidence from self

as no one else can be a better teacher than oneself.

By Udhaya Chandran B

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