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By Shruti K

Ever woke up a stranger?

A stranger in your own bed.

In your own bed, but somewhere lost,

Lost somewhere in your head

In your head, as your heart fled

Fled my emotions with it yonder

Yonder where I wonder

I wonder if I must chase it?

Chase it to feel myself again,

Again, it ends with constant disdain

Constant disdain from which I now refrain

I refrain from the chase

The kind of chase so futile

So Futile feels life

Life so bland & asynchronous

Asynchronous from within

Within feeling like a visitor

A visitor for a few days

For a few days, I shall wait to see

See my life unattached

Unattached as this visitor

This visitor I now welcome

Now welcome for its short stay

For its short stay to figure

To figure what it really has to say

By Shruti K

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