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Difference Is Beautiful Too

By Janhvi Gupta

I don't know where to start with

When it comes to you

You are not just a topic for me

For which I can write a para or two

Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin

All flood up in my veins

Not only when I see you

But even when I take your name

I have never felt so special

The way you treat me sometimes

Whatever mess is going around you

You pause it all just to make me smile

I've always feared that may be

I'll not find someone like me

Chaotic yet harmonized

Balance of fierce and calm spirits

That's why I get scared at times

Cherophobic you can say

Feeling of being safe n sound

May be I'll loose it one day

It doesn't matter if our worlds

Are coloured with different hues

When the colours blend together

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever viewed.

By Janhvi Gupta

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