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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

By V G Sathve

Are you my parallel railway track

Traveling along at a distance of eyesight

Or Are you my other blade of scissor

Cutting across drastically

Are you an image resting on my retina

Tugging hardly on my heart strings

Or Are you the picture floating in my head

Submerged into a sea of fantasies

Are you a life giving friend

Cozy nest for this stranded bird

Or Are you a life consuming foe

Spring of never ending tears

Are you a blessing in disguise

Hissing snake pampering instead

Or Are you a curse in all visibility

Fallen into an infinite well

Are you a becon of light

Leading into a bright future

Or Are you a flame of fire

Burning away the dark past

Are you the gloomy clouds

Casting a shadow of remorse

Or Are you the fruitful rainbow

Emerging as light of enlightenment

Are you the silence of my words

Bursting out the unheard

Or are you the noise of my soul

Struggling to be heard

You are not my fate

You are not my luck

You are not my destination

You are a mesmerizing moment

By V G Sathve

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