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Demon Of Fall

By Viren Gohil

Demon of Fall, this is your home

Where-as shadows seem to stray

Walk through my veins and up my spine

And spread a poisonous ichor.

Bring me low with a wicked grin-

I am waiting for the day my light shall go out.

I want to be cold and never dry

To breathe in the air that poisons me

I want to be a walking sin,

So I can show you what you have done.

This self-inflicted pain is my own

Only an inch from skin to bone, but it's oh so much deeper than that.

You gave me the choice, you knew not what it would do

When I went through with it, I really had no clue.

I want to show the world that they are wrong

For my showing them they were right.

I want my toxic skin to show

What my heart couldn't before I was done.

But now it is way too late,

I need the world to know what they've done to me.

My self-worth I wish to reclaim,

But it is much harder than it seems.

For if I let them win this game,

I may just find myself in flames.

You probably meant well and me too,

But sometimes we cannot escape what we did to ourselves.

A lesson that I never want to learn again,

But only if you promise me that you'll be there.

For I know that forever and a day,

I will find myself in shadows to stray,

And the demon of fall will follow me home.

By Viren Gohil

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