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Deep Thoughts

By Venkatesh E

Deep thoughts unceasingly haunt my brains

Deep thoughts have left my heart with pains

Deep thoughts of her unwantedly sustains

Deep thoughts are as hard and still like stains

Deep thoughts bring in mind, hot rains

No, I don’t want to remember her

For she quit me without my permission

No, I don’t want to cry on her

For it was her brave separation

Now I want to forget her

For she kills me day by day

Now I want to hate her

For she loved me but passed away

Yes, I want her to be no where

She seems to me a fiction.

…But I want her to be now here

She is my only satisfaction

She is alive in my thoughts

My heart – A deep ocean

She escaped from this strange ocean

Leaving behind deep thoughts

“She” can be your wife, sister or mother

But she is definitely your need

Do love her when you are together

Because she is a generous tree

And the germinating seed

By Venkatesh E

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