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Death: Thanatos

By Khushi Khatib

Bonjour, I am someone

No one wants to meet

Someone, none offer

A welcome seat.

One day, they beg me

To take them away.

Next, I’m welcome

Never to see their face again.

Once all they want,

Me standing on the threshold

Next them hoping

I’m a far long way

Away from their door.

Some see

A gloomy, cloaked and hooded fellow;

Shrewd and cunning

Soul and eye sockets, hollow.

Others see an old friend,

Come after a long while

To relieve the pain.

Oh! I’m unfair

Taking people, when least expect.

Call me names .

Never crossing thought,

I may too have feelings.

Pray thee tell.

Really fed up to even respond,

Listening to these comments,

For eternity


The departed, nor living

Never understood, never will

Can’t meddle with my job,

At anyone’s will.

But I don’t complain.

I really don’t care.

Turn a deaf ear,

There’s not a moment to spare.

I’m not being mean,

Not the one taking your plea,

Not who decides where you ought to be,

Cause I’m just Death you see!

Cause I’m just Death you see.

By Khushi Khatib

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