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By Nilanjan Suklabaidya

For all the truths, it is the biggest and the hardest as well. They say we are afraid to die and it is true for some. I have seen people struggling to survive, hardly the day passes. They have hope, hope to start a new day. People having near death experience have a bit of trouble to express it. Those who lost someone close to them also have this same problem. I have seen people who lost their will to live after they lost their close ones. Some even committed suicide. Even though death is inevitable still people try to run from it. And I wonder why is that? Here I am waiting for it, not like eagerly waiting but eventually I am going to die so why run from it? Many get to an edge where they question their own existence in this world. People need to understand the seriousness of mental health. This similar experience can be related with love. People lose hope to live they prefer living inside their head a safe space created by them when they get separated. Death is a beautiful truth with no attachments no lies and non biased. In the agony of living people are only bodies with broken souls with a happy face hiding all they can, not to be seen vulnerable in the biased world. Some might not agree with the world being biased but you see you can’t really express everything always.


Death o death!

Where have you been lately?

How have you been lately?

I wonder why people are sad for you|?

I wonder how you feel about that?

Do you also feel remorse like they do?

Do you stay a little longer to let them say their last byes!

Do you console them whom you take?

Do you feel sorry for from whom you steal?

Do you feel guilt?

Are you alone?

Is this why you are always portrayed hiding your face?

Standing alone in the crowd of lost souls!

Lets meet someday.

I shall be your mate

I am waiting for you!

Do you see me?

Are you also waiting for me?

Don’t be sad!

I am here for you

Death is a concept of deep imagination as well as high chances of serene possibilities of worthy candidates to be enrolled. Sometimes we feel it was a mistake by death for collecting its trophy at the wrong time but we all know time has its own definition which is interpreted differently by different souls. Its neither early nor really late. We cling to the body hardly think about the soul. Love with all you have because you never know when is the last moment. Someone very close to me who is always filled with positivism told me one night “ I wish this was the last night I breathe for all I don’t want to live in this agony of living the life” : It hit me hard. Someone so ambitious, so full of life saying something like this. Its really hard to gulp. Death is a powerful blow of reality and existential rechecking. You can always learn something from death, it has many lessons to teach. There is a possibility and we all know what those are, so cherish every moment or at least try to no matter how brief the are as these are the things which will remind them of us. Love more your loved ones, care for them all you can even if they don’t understand your love for them. And one sided lovers keep going on with your love

By Nilanjan Suklabaidya

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