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By Surya Suresh

I was born on thorns and grass,

In a peaceful and rainy July morning.

My father was the wind, soothing yet strong,

And my mother the meadow, misty and green.

In her lap was were I took my first breath,

On a bed of red roses, thorny and vain.

I was the daughter they didn’t want,

But was born as a promise to mother earth.

Look! What a lovely child, cried my mother,

White as the fabric of a dominant sky.

She will be powerful, said my father,

A force to be reckoned with in time.

With those final words they left me,

On the glistening meadow to fend for myself.

I wailed and cried to my heart’s content,

But nobody was there to soothe the child.

I the daughter of the wind and the meadow,

Lay there, in the weeping July morning.

I chose not to cry over broken promises,

Instead bask in the wetness of the misty grass.

Days passed, I slowly started to walk,

Eating the nectar of the wild flowers.

One day, I chose to leave the meadow,

To find my purpose on this fervent earth.

Disdain the size of trees, grew in me,

To the parents of mine who left me in shambles.

But as I travelled, to the ends of earth,

I realised that I was the child unwanted.

It gave me a sense of purpose in life,

To be a force as strong as the wind.

I was the daughter of the green meadow,

Whose nurturing roots grounded me to earth.

No matter what happened to my life,

I will choose when to live and to rise.

As I continue my onward journey,

I know that I am the daughter of the earth.

By Surya Suresh

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