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Dark Hour

By Rithu Prabhu

The time when I realize that it is taking over me

I fear it might engulf me in permanent darkness

Depression, OCD

I try to withstand it but I think I can’t anymore

Like a monster trying to swallow me

I’ve exchanged my happiness

But I’m turning into it

It ruins me and demands for more

Looking at the mirror makes me

Wanna hurt myself even more

I’m not good enough, my life’s fucked up

Everything about me feels zero

Looking at these idols

Feels like I’m the only one who can’t do anything

The dark hour has to end somehow

I want it to end, I fear the monster will take over me

Greed, envy, money

I wanna stay away from these

But the monster in me doesn’t

Shit I gotta stop this

People tell I’m a Psych

I don’t give a fuck

Just wanna get the damn monster out of me

I don’t realize that the monster’s in me

I have to distract myself from the calamity

The dark hour is here, its here, its here

Yet I can’t do anything about it

By Rithu Prabhu

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May 19, 2023
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